May's Newsletter issue #2

May's Newsletter issue #2
Photo by Matthew Henry / Unsplash

Hi there friends!

Last few days was really hectic for me, and I didn't make myself to write something meaningfully on my blog. I want to talk (now) with you about something we (I & and probably you) using everyday to communicate with our colleagues, friends, family... If you guess emails, then you was right.

Few weeks ago I switched back to encryption email service based in Switzerland, but there are more alternatives e.g. in Germany or Holland. For someone can be limiting that he can't use his favorite mobile email client but stop here and think.

Nobody telling you to sop use emails from big companies (OK there are some). Big companies reading your emails and profiling you (regardless of whether they say otherwise) for ads, what you are buying or which their products are you using.

Keep that in mind when you posting something confidential. For this kind of information you should use encrypted email, so the message can be read only with recipient.

Keep in mind that privacy is not same as anonymity.

Have a nice day!