What Is My Best Operating System?

What Is My Best Operating System?
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Hi!. Im Sure you meet with this question on internet. People trying to find best operating system for programing, video making etc.
I tell you secret There is nothing like best operating system each has some pros and cons which you can google if you want. There
is many reviews and some of them can be different per article and some will be same.

I can't tell you which OS is best but I can tell you which OS is best for me.

I'm using more operating systems for different areas. Let's look which system I using for what and why?


Windows is my daily driver for work, gaming, watching videos and more. I was raised with Windows so this is what i know best. It's easiest for me to install software, games or find options in there. When you look ad corporate area I don't know any company that is
using someting else. They have domain network which running on Windows server (Domain controller) as database most corporate software
using Microosft SQL server (yes you can run it on linux too). People using RDP to connect to their computers (over VPN - do not open
RDP port to internet these days) and more.

So why I'm using windows? It's user friendliness, software availability, games (try to install some games on linux and tell me it was easier than run one exe or download it on steam), you can connect your phone and run applications, write
messages and place calls. And for sure it is Office suite which is standard in corporate area. I think you will find Outllok in almost
every company.

I like Windows user friendliness gaming on windows and softwaree availability


I have installed linux on my notebook which is primary my development machine. I don't need here full Windows environment - some specific programs that running only there like Adobe or Office suite. (Teams is currently in beta for Linux). I need machine which is
booting fast so I can start working whithout distractions.

Once I read article about swithing to Windows for PHP programming and how awesome it is - not for me. PHP for windows has some specific
options like ignoring case sizes. But May you can use WSL and use linux on windos. Yes, you can and this is realy awesome feature, but
in comparing with linux its slow. (Translating between different filesystems?) Did you try run docker desktop on windows? If yes you
know how slow it is and how much ram it can eat, and if no then for your information it is realy slow and eat a lot of ram.

Imagine the situation when you staying near server rack with you client and your Windows notebook will tell you you have to wait until
it installs all applications :D. You wathing on client they wathing on you and... We know windows updates can eat a lot of time.

I still have on virtual machine Windows, because using software that cant run on Linux, which i can boot anytime it is needed.

So why I'm using linux? No distraction, for my development environment it's easy (php in docker runing much faster), no avkward situations when you can't do your work because waiting for updates.

I like linux speed, that it is not resource hungry and that I can realy easy setup my development environment on it.

Mac OS

I used to use this maybe 2 times, so i can't tell you.

In the end

My two best operating systems are Windows and Linux. I like user friendliness of windows and speed of linux. Which are yours best operating system?