About this site

About this site
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I decided I will not accept guest posting on this page at all.
Content on this site is under CC BY-SA 4.0 until provided otherwise.

Hi and welcome on my blog. This blog is place where I writing how-tos, thoughts, stories. Everything you can read about here, I have tried or I'm using it.

This blog is running on Ghost (again). I started blog on Wordpress but i don't like that some themes installing too much plugins sso i moved to static site. Hosting static site is cool, and can be free if you know how (you need buy domain if you don't want using subdomain like name.gihub.com), but there are some cons (you need resize pictures, copy them to right place, remember url paths etc) so i moved to Ghost, which is blogging platform like a Wordpress, but in my opinion is easier to start with because out-of-box has almost anything you want (embed images from unsplas, newslettering, members system ...)

And one more thing:

You asking me if you can create permanent back-link posts or guest post and here it is answer:

In first time please check what I'm writing about and don't ask me that whether you can add guest post about cooking (don't get me wrong, I like eating) which has nothing to do with what I write about, and when I point it out, you change the subject. Sorry I can't accept this and so on I decided I will not accept quest posting on this page at all. This is personal blog and I want to write here about what I like or what I'm using.

I have no problem respond to every email that comes to me, even if it takes a while. But please be aware that if you are trying to convince me that I should publish your post on my blog you are wasting my time and yours this way.